How long can sperm survive after ejaculation?

Research has shown that some sperm may survive in the Fallopian tubes up to 7 days, with the average amount of time being 3 to 4 days.

The sperm survive much longer once they have traveled through the cervical opening into the woman’s body which is a good reason to try and elevate your bottom in order to encourage the sperm to travel, with the help of gravity, to your cervix more quickly and in greater quantities.

Theories also suggest that the contractions associated with orgasms pull sperm from the vagina to the cervix, where it’s in better position to reach the egg.

Sperm, in the vagina, can only survive about six hours due to the acidic vaginal secretions. The cervical mucus present when ovulation is near, is more alkaline and more hospitable to sperm. The egg white consistency of the cervical mucus helps the sperm move more easily through the vagina to the cervix, increasing the chance that the sperm will be in the correct location for fertilization to occur.

If the woman’s cervical mucus is not as hospitable to the sperm as it should be, not enough egg white consistency, she may need to use a lubricant to help. Pre-Seed personal lubricant is the only lubricant on the market which does not harm sperm. The consistency and pH is as close to natural cervical mucus as you can get.

Wanna Be Starting Something?

If you have to start something, you often have difficulty to the beginning. Are you the one who experience it in the whole wide world? of course not. Every first step is very difficult to make.

Actually it is very simple but it is we who make it complicated by asking a lot of thing. Thinking too much about what happen if we do the beginning. We think we have to anticipate everything we possiby face in the process. But after a lot of thingking, then we stop too long for thinking only.

Thinking is good, but thinking too long and too much is not good at all. Think just long enough to start and to do the beginning. After the start we can do the action and the thinking can be done later.

Thinking too long is for the negative thing, such as before we used narcotics, cheating to our spouses. That needs a lot of thinking.. haha.. But for the daily routine, for our work, for the good practical things, you dont have to think too long. Such as going to the gym, cooking for your children, writing your assignment, telephoning your client, that doesnt need thinking too much and too long. Just start picking your telephone and dial the number of your prospect. Or turning on your PC and do your homework, make a report that your boss has asked you several times. When you feel very lazy to do something, then it is the time you lift up your butt and walk and grab your brush and clean the toilet, or broom your bedroom, or typing the report. Then you will clean all your room and toilet, also ‘clean your heart from laziness” and it will motivate you to do something ‘more important’. Some motion and movement is necessary at the beginning. So dont be afraid to ‘get busy’ and to ‘look busy’ at the first time. Just ‘get busy’ at the beginning, then you can think the better things to do next, or you can think the better strategy to continue throughout the day. It will give you a good impact to start your successful day.

If you want to tidy up the home, then lift some broom and brush. If you want to sell something, then speak to your colleague about the prospect. If you want to repair the broken car, then walk to your car and lift up the hood. Dont just sit here reading this note. This note can become silly when you just read it too long. So now, get up and do something. Get busy.